Four Elements

Four Elements, (4E) was established in 1987 after Jane graduated from UW Madison with a degree in horticulture. She started specializing in herbs in 1981 by establishing herb gardens in corporate and botanical gardens. Her love of plants quickly grew from using herbs in cooking and crafts into the healing arts.

In 1991 Jane, and husband David, moved to a 130-acre farm in the pristine Baraboo Bluffs of Wisconsin. Uncultivated for many years, David improved the soil with organic methods and Jane established a commercial kitchen in the renovated dairy barn to produce her herbal wellness line. Jane also established a Chakra Garden as a teaching tool. Jane and David host an annual Open House every June to educate about organic practices and healing with Nature.

Four Elements offers the highest quality of herbal wellness available, and harkens back to the birth of this industry, where we chose healing products direct from Nature and from folks who are stewards of the Earth.

Our products are made from herbs grown on an organic farm, by local people. Supporting 4E creates a “Fair Trade” environment in rural Wisconsin, offering fulfilling work. As a team we service and supply what we grow, create, package and ship products that we use and believe in.


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