Value Added Producers

 Renaissance Farms: Mark Olson of Renaissance Farm brings you the freshest of basil and herb-infused products. Mark farms outside of Spring Green and is committed to the rich flavors of his crops.

 Four Elements: Four Elements, (4E) was established in 1987 after Jane graduated from UW Madison with a degree in horticulture. She started specializing in herbs in 1981 by establishing herb gardens in corporate and botanical gardens. Her love of plants quickly grew from using herbs in cooking and crafts into the healing arts.

 Mandy Moods Foods: Mandy’s Mood Foods hot sauce is always hand made using many ingredients from local farmers.

 Gail Ambrosius:
gailambrosius.comIn my opinion, good chocolate is its own food group. A little bit feeds the soul and fires the imagination. I want people to experience the real thing, without lots of sugar, and other ingredients that most people confuse with the taste of chocolate.

 Alsum’s Sweet Corn: Frozen Corn vs. Fresh Produce

The Alsum family farms together outside of Randolph, WI in northeastern Columbia County. Mom and dad Lana and Scott farm with their children, Ben, Brittany, Luke, Levi, and Lilly. They specialize in sweet corn but also grow a wide range of crops throughout the season.

 Adamski Sugar Bush

Since 1984 Adamski’s Sugar Bush has been producing the highest quality maple syrup.

 Slide Food Cart

Slide on down! The term “slider” primarily refers to mini hamburgers, but it can actually refer to any small sandwich on a squishy white bun. Slide Food Cart features dozens of different sandwiches (including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options) none of which are traditional burgers! We also offer our signature housemade potato chips that are sold on the cart and in over a dozen stores! Our BBQ chips just hit the shelves and a variety of our dips are soon to come.

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